Unfortunate pause faces in the new MI: Rogue Nation trailer

Matt Looker

23rd March 2015

Mission: Impossible 5 has a new title. And a new trailer. And a new poster. It also has some silly faces.

There I was, happily getting up to speed on The Rock's latest nonsense Instagrams yesterday when a trailer dropped for what is now called Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (punctuation and Star Wars bandwagoning to be confirmed). Everyone may have known this was due to happen, but not me - I've been busy deciphering The Rock's hashtags.

So I sat to watch the new Cruise-athon trailer, but the problem is that I have a six-month-old who has just started to crawl. This basically means that he needs constant supervision in case he wriggles so far that he ends up in a quarry or something.

So, as I am unable to spontaneously enjoy 1 minute and 4 seconds of uninterrupted movie teasing, I am instead frequently subjected to the phenomenon known as "Unfortunate Pause Face". It threw up these classic looks.
The Out-of-focus Grimace

This is the look of a man who has just seen an unspeakable horror, like a holocaust or a cat licking its own still-warm hairball.
The Unconfident Stunt

"Ok, guys I got this. After three. One... two... no, wait! Ulp... too late! Shiiiiiii..."
The Aggressive Vogue

"Yeah, I'm striking a pose. I'm striking a pose TO YOUR FACE."
The Slack-jawed Neanderthal

A.K.A. The Dental Anaesthetic Wear-off
The Simon Pegg

Perhaps the most commonplace of all Unfortunate Pause Faces. The look that says "Oh my god, this is crazy and I'm commenting on how crazy it is!"
Aaaaand my child has just crawled inside the washing machine. Excuse me.

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