Watch This: The Klang Show


16th August 2010

Here at LittleBigPicture, we'll mostly be reporting things and offering our ill-informed, kneejerk, so-called "opinions" on shows from around the digibox. Occasionally, we'll be using our powers for good and ordering you to watch things like tonight's The Klang Show.

We Are Klang are a comedy troupe of the strangest order consisting of Greg Daniels (fat Rik Mayall), Steve Hall (melty David Baddiel) and Marek Larwood (possibly from Mars). All stand-up comedians in their own right, together Klang perform sketches and songs that are gleeful, stupid and crude. In 2009 the BBC ran a TV version of their act, filmed in front of a live studio audience, which captured a fraction of the frenetic humour of the Klang.

These lunatics are returning to our screens tonight at 9.30 on BBC Three as part of Three's very short comedy pilot season, and we urge you to watch their sketch show. Love or hate it (there's not much room in between), The Klang deserve to be on air; even The Hills got 5 seasons for crying out loud.

In their infinite wisdom the BBC were set to run The Klang Show online for seven days before it aired on TV, but the link was mysteriously taken down midweek and never returned, so I can't direct you to it. You'll just have to tune in to the actual television tonight like it's the 80s or something.
As a warm up, here's a clip from their last BBC Three series, which was frankly too peculiar for the squares to dig man.

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