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25th May 2011

Unbelievably, we managed to secure a short but fascinating interview with X-Men and Superman legend Bryan Singer during his brief stay in the UK. And we're not even kidding this time.

Bryan Singer is the man responsible for revitalising the superhero genre with X-Men; he's the man who brought Superman back to life; he's the man who topped the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled in The Usual Suspects. He's the driving force behind X-Men: First Class and one of the most important directors and producers of the modern age.

Our reporter Ian caught up with him at Revolution Vodka in Norwich.
Ian: Hi Bryan, I'm Ian, how are you?

Bryan Singer: Hey Ian, how are you?

Ian: I'm good, thanks. Are you enjoying Norwich?

Bryan Singer: Yeah, yeah... It's great, I love it!

Ian: Cool. Have you had a chance to visit the [Norwich] castle yet?

Bryan Singer: Er... No, no I haven't.

Ian: Oh, okay. Well, it was really nice to meet you.

Bryan Singer: You too, Ian!
And there we have it: a fascinating insight into one of our most beloved movie minds. Next week, Ian interviews director Terrence Malick while queuing for a chicken donner at Norwich's Best Kebab & Pizza.

An artist's impression of Bryan Singer in Norwich city centre

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