X-Men First Class: a guide to sitting


17th May 2011

Worried X-Men: First Class might be too exciting? Let Professor Xavier and his mutant brethren show you how to relax in style.

In this writer's opinion, the marketing campaign for X-Men: First Class has been a complete disaster. First, there were those leaked stills. Then came the dreadful posters. Then came more dreadful posters. Then came a trailer, which was pretty good, but still, those posters were dreadful.

Now, new stills of First Class have been released and, if possible, they show the opposite of action. X-Men: First Class could be the first ever inaction movie. The level of sitting displayed here makes me wonder how the X-Men ever got anything done. Their greatest threat? DVT.

Well, you can't play chess standing up.

Havok has a good old seated ponder.

Mystique and Beast share the most uncomfortable picnic ever.

A wooden chair for Magneto, obviously.

Even if there's no bar stool, that's definitely a leisurely lean.

Not even window sills are safe from the X-Men.

Kevin Bacon: you're doing it right.

Beast and Mystique rest their weary legs.

Ooh, leather seats? Well la-di-da.

That's definitely a chair. Beast, you lazy bastard.


"To sitting." (*clink*)

A screen grab of Mystique's pulse-pounding action sequence.

Yep, he's definitely thinking about it.

Oh look, they're still there. Meanwhile, Juggernaut kills 26.

Now this, I approve of.
Tsk. No wonder Xavier loved his bloody wheelchair so much.

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