Xmas Competition Bonanza! (Part 2)

Kirsty Harrison

7th December 2010

We promised you more exciting gifts, and much like Santa and his bulging sack of goodies, we always deliver. In fact, were better than Santa, because we don't give a damn how you behave the rest of the year.

Flying down the interweb tubes to you this week, we've got 2 massive DVDs to give away. Granted, they're physically the same size as regular DVDs, but metaphysically... huge.

Ricky Gervais, actor, radio host, children's author, also does a bit of stand-up apparently. According to Channel 4's various "100 Best" things, he ranges from 11th to 3rd best Stand Up comic ever, and Time Magazine think he's one of the most influential people on the planet. So you probably have heard of him.

His first 3 live DVDs (Animals, Politics and Fame) were all huge sellers, and very funny with it. His latest, Science, is a live recording of his 2009 tour of the same name and would be a fabulous gift to complete a fans set.

So answer this simple question, and one of three DVDs could be yours.

What an annoying voiceover. He's not in it.

95% of people like Michael McIntyre, 1% don't have a telly, and 4% are just being fractious for the sake of it.

The fact of the matter is, he talks about normal life in a very funny way. An overnight success after 10 years of hard graft in small clubs in London, McIntyre is now such a household name he has his own TV show, and probably a range of cuddly toys or something.

His first DVD Live And Laughing went straight to number one and still holds the top spot as the fastest selling UK debut stand-up DVD of all time. His second stand-up DVD, Hello Wembley!, became the biggest selling stand-up DVD of all time, racking up a massive 1,414,000 sales to date.

If you are one of the latecomers who didn't buy either of those, you are in luck! Especially for you, both of his best-selling DVDs have been brought together in his first DVD boxset - Michael McIntyre’s 'The Stand-Up Collection' – and we have three copies to give away here!

Now, this isn't the clip they asked us to show (sneaky ), but I think the animation on this video adds to the already very funny clip - check out the other unofficial cartoons for a little extra laugh. Merry Christmas, lovely readers.

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