Xmas Competition Bonanza!

Kirsty Harrison

1st December 2010

You wait for one interesting thing to come along and BOOM! Three competitions come along at the same time. That’s right; it’s a Bumper Christmas DVD Giveaway. Stick it, Santa.

No time for jolly preambles about advent calendars, fancy looking trees or winterfests, we’re getting straight into the meat of the thing.

First up, Channel 4’s Apocalypse the astonishing groundbreaking WWII documentary which uses subtly colourised film three to tell the brutal and moving history of World War 2 in a more human and “real” way than any documentary before it. Three years in the making, the series utilises archive footage from over 60 national archives and personal libraries. It’s a bold, unapologetic, look back at a period of time that changed the world forever. The final episode of the six part series is at 8.25pm on Channel 4, Saturday 4th December.
If you’re a history buff, or you know one who’d like the 2-disc DVD, answer this question for a chance to win one of three DVDs.

Next, and on a much happier note, it’s Simon Amstell. Now, I know that Simon can be an acquired taste; personally I’ve been a fan since his Popworld days when he made Britney cry and yelled questions to “singer” Lemar through a megaphone in “Lemar from Afar”. He’s surreal, no question, but he’s also a very funny stand-up comedian. In his new DVD Do Nothing – Live we get to join Mr Amstell on his peculiar musings and ponderments, including a rather amusing incident involving Cat AIDS (*cough*World AIDS Day, relevant*cough*).
As a bonus, the DVD includes an interview with Amstell carried out by master interviewer, and personal hero to the site, Tim Key. So that’s worth entering this piss easy question for a chance to win one of three DVDs!

And finally, the biggest gift under the Christmas Tree, Bill Bailey – Rule Of Three.
This triple pack of funny not only has Bill’s newest show (Dandelion Mind), but also contains his two previous tours (Part Troll and Tinselworm) which I highly recommend on the grounds that I’ve never laughed to hard and so often at a bemused looking middle aged oddball without feeling guilty.
There is a catch to this one… there’s only one DVD to give away…
Yes, thought that might get your attention.
Well there’s only one thing for it, you’ll have to enter, and find a way to make sure you win – I’m not saying it will work, but any muffin baskets that find their way to LBP’s dusty anterooms will be given considerable attention and gratitude.

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