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  • Top 50 Best Movie Deaths

    Movie Feature | Rich | 27th January 2009

    Movie deaths are an integral part of the filmmaker's arsenal. Can you imagine how dull flicks would be without the occasional fatality, assassination or cheeky moider? They offer a chance for imagination and inventiveness and have given the creators of the Saw series an outlet that has probably stopped them going on a killing sp...

  • If movie characters were hipsters

    Movie Feature | Ali | 1st March 2011

    Blast you, hipsters. Your lensless-spectacle-wearing arsery has invaded the movies. Look, over there! A WiFi-enabled Starbucks with an empty window seat! Now git!

  • Top 20 Manliest Movies

    Movie Feature | Mark | 23rd February 2007

    Being a man is brilliant. You get to fight, drive cars through explosions, shag birds, drink beer, and be an asshole. But what really make a man a man? Muscles? Sure. Blood, guts, and fisticuffs? It helps. A bit of nationalism? Of course. Wildly improbable baddies, snakes, the Mafia, guns, lots of guns, boxing, and rude w...

  • Top 20 movies of 2010

    Movie Feature | Ali, Matt, Anna, Luke | 30th December 2010

    Hello there. It's customary round these parts to put films in lists, simply because it's fun to do and interesting to read. I can't claim this list of our favourite movies of 2010 has even the slightest whiff of authority (I've not seen Somewhere, Carlos, Another Year, Easy A, I Am Love, The Secret In Their Eyes, Waiting For Superman or Gulliver's Travels among others) but I can say that these 20 films are the ones us humble folk at enjoyed the most this year. Scream at us in capitals in the comments if you disagree, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

  • Top 10 Movie Drug Dealers

    Movie Feature | Ali | 16th February 2007

    You wanna get high? In Tinseltown, there's no shortage of back-alley pushers ready to show you a good time, whether you want pills, puff or powder. It takes a special kind of dealer to make our list, however - insanity seems to be a pre-requisite, as does a kickass dress-code and a trophy wife. Yeah, we know - drugs are bad, ...

  • Top 20 Movie Hitmen

    Movie Feature | Rich | 7th September 2007

    There's something about folks who are willing to kill for money that has always fascinated cinema audiences. It could be the remarkable flexibility of morality that these characters display; their willingness to cross a line that most of us couldn't even consider approaching. Or it could be that they're really cool. Hitman is pr...

  • 50 Muppets and their real-life acting counterparts

    Movie Feature | Luke | 31st May 2011

    Have you heard? There's a new Muppets movie in town! But before Kermit and his fuzzy companions hit the big screen, we thought we'd have a bit of fun matching up Muppets with their real-life acting doubles, and these were the results...

  • Top 20 Movie Underdogs

    Movie Feature | Chris | 3rd April 2008

    Modern cinema just wouldn't be the same without its underdogs: because everyone just loves watching chump become champ. You know the type: the no-hopers who shock the pros, the Davids who bring down the Goliaths, the rank outsiders who come from nowhere to beat the odds and shit all over the bookies. Underdogs come from all walk...

  • Top 50 Movie Gunfights

    Movie Feature | | 24th September 2008

    Who needs dialogue when you've got guns? If a picture says a thousand words, then a well-placed bullet in the head tells a whole goddamn story - gentlemen, these 50 awesome movie gunfights are your new holy scriptures. Stacked end to end, these cinematic shootouts contain enough corpses to choke a river, enough lead to sink Supe...

  • If 2017's Oscar-nominated movie posters told the truth

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray, Matt Looker, Neil Alcock, Becky Suter, Ed Williamson | 24th January 2017

    The mainstream media is full of fake news. Hollywood is full of failing celebs, who don't even know me. If the big movies this Oscar season, which I hear are very overrated, told the truth, they'd look like this. Sad!