2012 to get miniseries sequel, 2013


6th November 2009

That's right, John. In what could perhaps be considered a major spoiler for a film about the end of the world, 2012 will live on in 2013, a televised miniseries about life after disaster. It's a disafter movie. But on TV.

Embargo prevents me from discussing how awesome/lame 2012 is (although I will say it frequently teeters between the two), but Roland Emmerich has no problems talking about his potential new franchise.

Entertainment Weekly have been a-sleuthin' and discovered that director Emmerich and executive producer Howard Green plan to go beyond the mayhem of 2012, with 2013; a miniseries focusing on life after the apocalyptic shenanigans seen in the movie.

Be warned: spoilers lie ahead. Don't highlight and read unless you want to ruin the ending of 2012. If that were possible.

Spoilers begin --The final act of 2012 sees John Cusack and assorted misfits board 'arks' that were built in Tibet to ensure the survival of the human race. The entire world is seemingly flooded, but once they ride out the storm, it's revealed that the Earth's poles have shifted and Africa is now the only dry land on the planet. The arks set off to begin the human race again.

Yeah, because I bet Africa is gonna love huge boats full of rich white guys looking for a place to crash. The ending also conveniently ignores the rest of the world is TOTALLY FUCKED; that's where 2013 comes in.
-- Spoilers end

Quite how this will work is unclear. There's certainly not much scope for it to be disaster-based, so unless Emmerich is considering an actual human-based serialised drama (don't laugh) then we're as clueless as you.

It's certainly an interesting concept - what happens after the events of the disaster movies? If you remember The Day After Tomorrow, it ended when Dennis Quaid was reunited with son Jake Gyllenhaal. The world was still under 60 ft of snow, but their love could melt even the frostiest snowdrifts.

2012 is released on 13 November, though Roland Emmerich could have vastly improved the disaster scenes by setting them to tunes like this.

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