Adrien Brody signs up for Predators


7th October 2009

Adrien Brody is the latest actor to be signed up for Robert Rodriguez's Predators remake. In my mind, that makes the film half sci-fi horror and half Holocaust allegory with Danny Trejo as a kick-ass Mexican Nazi. I don't think that's right though.

So it's a surprise that the Oscar-winning Halle Berry kisser is lending his acting chops to this slick action reboot, especially considering his last big cinema outing, Peter Jackson's King Kong, was, by all accounts, not a fun time for him.

In fact, the anaemic Brody said of filming the blockbuster "I'm running around in front of a green screen screaming, 'Where's the monkey? Where's the monkey?'". Which is actually the name of a bedtime game I like to play with my girlfriend.

Still, there has been much speculation surrounding exactly what kind of role Brody will play in a film which features hardened killers, alien falcons and a 'Black Super Predator'.

As much as I'd like to think he'll be the falconer, word is out that he will in fact play chief hardened killer - leader of the men brought to the Predator's home planet for some hunting.

What's the bet that this will involve lots of running around in front of a green screen screaming 'Where's the alien? Where's the alien?'

And if he needs any advice about how to act around a predator, he just has to cast his mind back to The Pianist, when he was directed by Roman Polanski. Ah thank you.

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