Alex Garland writes new Judge Dredd


9th September 2009

Alex Garland has been putting together a script for a new Judge Dredd reboot which is to be released by Danny Boyle's DNA Films. If someone could make sure that Rob Schneider is in a different timezone during filming for this version, then we can all be officially excited.

British comics artist 'Jock', who has previously worked on many Dredd strips for 2000AD, has confirmed Garland's involvement via Twitter, saying:

"Working through script visuals for Judge Dredd movie. Alex Garland writes a great script".

Frankly, this cult comic that's bursting with ballsy action and jet-black satire is more deserving than most to get the reboot treatment after the lame 1995 effort that saw Sly grumpily stomping about to the tune of Schneider's yapping.

This news also means the film will mark Garland's fourth collaboration with Danny Boyle, following Sunshine, 28 Days Later and, er, The Beach. Well, that's unfair - he wrote the excellent novel, not the screenplay to the DiCaprio love-in.

There's no word yet on director though - as much as Boyle himself has proved his sci-fi credentials with Sunshine, it's hard to see him taking on such a fantastical testosterone-fuelled project personally.

Still, with Garland's knack for writing big events and with high praise from the highland terrier-monickered 2000AD artist himself, this could prove to be the worthy Judge Dredd flick we've all been waiting for.

Soon that Stallone/Schneider outing will only be spoken about in hushed tones like those early '70s Spider-Man films with white rope for webbing and a harness for crawling up buildings.

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