Anchorman 2 is definitely not happening (unless it does)


19th July 2010

Director Adam McKay has given the final word on Anchorman 2. Or has he? He has. I think. Can't I just quote some Anchorman to fill up this space instead? "Milk was a bad choice!" Ahahahahaha!

The saga of Anchorman 2 has come to a close, and it looks like we won't ever get to see Ron Burgundy's resplendent moustache on a big screen ever again. Adam McKay - who recently tweeted about Paramount's refusal to greenlight a sequel on financial grounds - has commented on the whole sorry affair, seemingly putting the nail in Burgundy's coffin.

"It's not happening, for sure, one-hundred percent. I'll put it to bed... Maybe it's for the best. You don't need sequels for everything. It was such a great experience doing that, but let it stand."
Sad times. Except not really. Because later, McKay says this:

"The only way it could come back [would be] in two years, three years.
I retract my original sadness. The world can wait for an Anchorman sequel, dude. It's not a cure for cancer. There are no scientists in white coats staring at the original through a microscope saying, "Dammit, Jenkins! Unless we can replicate this formula in 48 hours, we're all dead!"

Although McKay does also add that it was going to be a musical, which I guess would have been pretty funny. No cure for cancer, but it might cheer up some of the bald ones in their final hours.

Okay, I admit it, this clip cracks me the fuck up every time

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