Arrested Development developments

Kirsty Harrison

2nd October 2011


I know, we're all inclined to jump on any tiny hint that there might be an Arrested Development movie, or web series, or they're all going to be in the same room together. What can I say, we're all suckers for the greatest TV comedy ever made (sorry My Hero, but it's true).

This time it's (marginally) more than cheeky speculation or Michael Cera being tricked into saying it on YouTube; this time, the New Yorker tweeted about it from the Arrested Development reunion panel:

So it MUST be true. Apparently, it will be a run of 9 or 10 episodes each focussing on one Bluth - or Funke, of course - which would give us a chance to catch up with The Family missing years before the movie opens.


We know it's not a lot to go on, and by Monday morning there will be many, MANY, more informed and informative pieces up but we just had to share our joy with you. It is joyous.

If you've never seen AD, I implore that you beg, borrow, steal or even (*shudder*) buy the existing series as soon as possible and in the meantime enjoy these little segments of heaven.


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