Attack The Block poster gets a thumbs up from me (*thumbs up*)


21st March 2011

Another look at the movie that's doing everything right. Please movie gods, don't let Attack The Block suck.

The last thing I want is for this site to turn into one big snark-fest - there's no bigger turn-off than a blog who exists solely to snort and ridicule anything and everything. Arguably though, most movie posters that blip on the radar to tend to be of the 'aaah Jesus my beautiful eyes' variety and deserve the savage nerd-beating they usual get. But not today. Not today. (*tosses scarf*)

In PR terms, Attack The Block has done everything right so far. The cast and crew have genuine talent and well-earned credibility. The first trailer was aces: a tantalising teaser that set the tone without giving too much away. Oh, and don't forget, it's being scored by Basement Jaxx, whom I once danced to in a field in which I'm pretty sure at least a handful of revellers were on drugs.

Look at this first poster. Look at it. It's gorgeous. It doesn't feature any sparks, it isn't orange and blue and there aren't any head transplants on it. In fact, the only one of the 16 movie poster traditions that need to die in a horrible fire it contravenes in is 'Namechecking the producers', but when you're a British cult film and you have a connection to Shaun Of The Dead, it's sort of the law.

You know what I love most? Nick Frost is still a fat fuck, untouched by Photoshop. Look at those tits. Lovely. Never change, Nick.

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