Awful Photoshop pun of the day


24th April 2011

Yes, we know it's a terrible joke. Yes, we know someone else already made the same terrible joke. But the point is... er, we forget.

Movie blogging is hard. Sometimes you have a cracking idea only to see some other chancer has snuck into your mind-grapes at night and inceptioned the idea for their own nefarious purposes. Then you have to do something stupid instead, like post a gif of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

A short while ago, we checked up on handsome blogger The Incredible Suit only to see he'd somehow half-inched our ingenious pun based on two forthcoming films: Arthur and Thor. "Another one bites the dust," we thought. But then, something happened. We had another thought.

"What if we go ahead and do the same idea anyway, only we make it a tiny bit different?"
And that's the story of this picture. It's worthy of Sorkin.

Click image for full-size picture

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