Blistering Barnacles! First look at JackBerg's Tintin


1st November 2010

You could almost hear the waffles hitting the floor when it was announced that Belgium's most famous not-beer-or-lace-or-karate export would be coming at us not only in 3D, but also as a computer-generated Billy Elliot. But you know what? This tiny glimpse is already looking all kinds of awesome. By which I mean fuck you shut up - it's Tintin, and that's all that matters.

As we reported roughly a year ago, the motion for Tintin has already been captured, with the remaining effects scheduled to take a staggering two years to complete. So wait a minute... two minus one... carry the four... nearly got it... one! One more year until this thing comes out. Aww, that's ages. Fortunately Empire have been gifted with a first batch of images to show us how the CG Tintin and Captain Haddock will look (but were foolish enough to post them online before the print version comes out, meaning anyone with a mouse and a blogging system can...ooh, look at that). Suckers!

Click to view larger

Click to view larger

I LOVE Tintin. Some of my most treasured memories are returning from the library with as many books as my little arms could carry, staying up late with a torch and getting lost in my imagination. The addition of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson - two of the most creative filmmakers alive, who both share a penchant for adventure and mystery - is like a magical dream come true. But Spielberg, Father issues eh?

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