Cameron has 'road map' for Avatar 2


27th January 2010

An Avatar sequel? Already? Don't we have to wait, like, 14 years for the next one or something?

It's odd to think of James Cameron hopping from one film straight onto another, even if that first film is officially the most successful movie ever made and even if the next one is a sequel. Nonetheless, big JC has indeed made his intentions clear to expand the Avatar universe, and he's not hanging around either.

According to various sources, pre-pre-pre-production on Avatar 2 has apparently already begun. SlashFilm are claiming that technical crew members are being hired, while the latest issue of Empire magazine sees Cameron claim, "I have a road map" when asked about a sequel in an interview.

"I know where I'm going with it. The key to a sequel is to meet an audience expectation and yet be surprising. That's an interesting equipoise [do not know what this means - Ed] between those factors of expectations and surprise.

"But deals have to be made, things like that. It's not a slamdunk that we're doing it. There was always this notion that it made sense from a business standpoint that if we invested all this money in the first film, that ou margin would be less than it would be on the second film, where all the assets existed."
Not a slamdunk? Please. Avatar 2 is the most guaranteed, super-duper, NBA Jam-style "He's on fire!" slamdunk in this history of basketball analogies. It's the Wesley Snipes to the rest of the industry's Woody Harrelson. The suits at Fox literally haven't stopped jizzing since Avatar was released. Avatar 2 is inevitable.

Of course, Cameron is not the kind of person to necessarily rush into matters like these. He'd need to find a reason to expand the Avatar universe (other than having hundred dollar bill toilet paper the rest of his life) and the way the first movie ended, there's no obvious extension to that story. It's kind of complete as it is.

The Na'vi can't move off of Pandora. Anyone who tries to invade will surely just face the same onslaught as last time, and us the same movie. A prequel could work, but the term 'road map' suggests the story is movie forward, not back. Any ideas, smart guys?

Perhaps Pandora could be invaded by a horde of savage Equipoises.

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