Clip from Chris Morris' Four Lions; a comedy about suicide bombers


23rd January 2010

Because where else is there to go after paedophiles?

Right now, swanky film industry wankers at the Sundance Film Festival are sipping on their mocha lite frappucinos in the queue for Chris Morris' Four Lions; a comedy about four wannabe suicide bombers from the North of England. Yep, it's a bomb-com. (Joke ©, 2010).

The Guardian, being the left-wing liberal hippies they are, have managed to nab the very first clip, which you can see by clicking the link below.

Very little is known about Four Lions, other than the fact that Chris Morris has balls the size of basketballs. After the furore that surrounded BrassEye, particularly the infamous paedophile special ("This... is paedo-geddon!"), you'd think perhaps Morris would like to tackle a nice, safe rom-com. But no. Terrorism it is. The Daily Mail are already sharpening their pitchforks.

Morris is unrepentant in his choice of subject matter.

"Most of us would dearly love to laugh in the face of our worst fears. Why aren't we laughing at terrorists? Because we didn't know how to, until now."
If the clip below is any indicator, expect near-the-knuckle humour that results in uncomfortable laughter and much shifting in seats. But, despite the controversial subject matter, expect it to be utterly hilarious - Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong of Peep Show fame were involved in writing the script, and Shiznit favourite Kevin Eldon reportedly plays "an incompetent anti-terror police officer." Sold and sold.

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