Colin Farrell will suck blood in Fright Night remake


13th May 2010

That lovable Irish bastard will drink anything.

It seems the remake of Fright Night is gathering pace again. After it was announced that Mad Men/Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer Marti Noxon had written the script, Anton Yelchin of Star Trek and Terminator Salvation fame signed on for the main role of Charley Brewster, a young man who finds out that the person who has moved next door and starts wooing his mum is actually a vampire.

And now it has been confirmed that Farrell will be the fanged, milf-bothering neighbour, played by Chris Sarandon in the original. Colin Farrell as a menacing, seductive creature of the night? Sounds like perfect casting to me.

Even his pursuit of Charley's mother (recently announced to be played by Toni Collette) doesn't sound exactly far-fetched for the former hellraiser. This is a man who, in 2005, allegedly spent three hours trying to convince his Ask the Dust co-star, Dame Eileen Atkins, to have sex with him...and she was 70 years old at the time. Oh Colin, you filthy mongrel (*scratches him behind the ears*).

Here's the theatrical trailer for the original film for you to muse on. It was either this or Colin Farrell's illegal sex tape, but no one seems to have posted that on YouTube.

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