Corbyn only pretending not to know who Ant and Dec are

Ed Williamson

17th August 2016

Jeremy Corbyn's claim not to know who Ant and Dec are has been exposed as bollocks.

During a hustings the Labour leader was shown a picture of the TV presenter pair and claimed: "No, I'm sorry: I don't recognise them.

"Or Israel."

Yet Corbyn's wife Laura Alvarez later confirmed: "No, that's a bunch of old shit. He does this all the time.

"He likes to crack on he's never heard of any popular singers or TV shows so people think he's all highbrow and only concerned with lofty concepts like the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism. Like that guy in the Che Guevara T-shirt you meet in your first week in the student union who's all like 'X Factor? Oh, is that the singing one? No, I don't have a TV.' Then he mansplains to you how mass entertainment is a corporate construct designed to mollify the proletariat and make them easier to exploit."

Alvarez mentioned that her husband had once affected to believe that the Kardashians were a Cuban guerrilla movement and Selena Gomez a militia leader for the Workers' Party of Marxist Unification in the Spanish Civil War.

"He knows exactly who Ant and Dec are," she went on. "He's in front of Saturday Night Takeaway every weekend with a Meateor from Domino's and a six-pack of Hofmeister. He'd nationalise them given half a chance."

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