Countdown to Life Of Pi being spoiled completely in 5, 4, 3.14159


14th June 2012

Because the little kid in it is named "Pi", and there's a transcendental number also called pi. Did you like my joke? Please say yes.

Ang Lee's upcoming book-to-film adaptation Life Of Pi is one of those films that can be utterly spoiled in about ten seconds. I know from experience, after asking my girlfriend what happens in the book and about ten seconds later it was utterly spoiled. So if you haven't read Yann Martel's 2001 award-winning novel and intend on seeing the film, then it's probably best to avoid lengthy articles or comments sections because some smartypants is inevitably going to prove their pantsmartyness by giving the twist away.

I've often wondered (usually when struggling for a second paragraph) if studios take a calculated risk before green-lighting this sort of adaptation. Obviously the book has a huge existing fan base, but with such a delicate balance between going in blind and undoing the fundamental nature of the story, there's a real chance the average cinemagoer might pass if they can't get behind the spiritual undertones and already know what surprises are in store. Would you have gone to see The Sixth Sense if you knew the twist? Not saying the same twist is used here. It's not. Or is it? Argh.

Anyway, the real news is this brief first clip showing off Pi's CGI tiger boat companion. That's right - a tiger on a boat with a small boy. Look, I've already said too much, so you watch the clip of the kitty and I'll go keep my big mouth busy with some pie.

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