Daft Punk Tron Legacy video reveals new footage, helmets


26th October 2010

Check out the music video for the first official Daft Punk song from the Tron Legacy soundtrack: it's got bleeps, bloops and shiny helmets galore.

Have you ever been more excited about a movie's soundtrack than the movie itself? I'm amped for Tron Legacy, despite not really being of the generation the first movie imprinted on, purely because it looks like a cutting-edge effects movie with razor sharp visuals and Olivia Wilde in rubber pants - the sexy kind, not the incontinence kind.

But the soundtrack? Bruv. A new Daft Punk album is usually cause enough for celebration, but I can't imagine a soundscape better suited to their uniquely Gallic beats than the digiverse of Tron Legacy. We get our first glimpse of Daft Punk in the movie in the music video below, for the track 'Derezzed', complete with Michael Sheen doing his best Bowie showboating. It's pretty ace. Shame it's only about 90 seconds long.

Tron Legacy is due in the UK on 26 December (otherwise known as 'the fuck I'm getting off the sofa, let's watch Shrek on BBC1' day) but the soundtrack is out on 6 December, leaving plenty of time for you to practice your robotic dancing before release.

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