Danny Dyer and Nick Love are angry


16th September 2009

Did you like the movie Outlaw? No, of course you didn't, it was terrible. Director Nick Love and Danny Dyer would like a word with you. And that word is 'cunt'.

Put the headphones on if you're in a work environment, because Nick Love and Danny Dyer are about to drop a motherload of c-bombs up in this joint. Some poor soul out there actually paid for the DVD of Outlaw, but we'll pay him his dues because he's uploaded the choice highlights of the Cockney pair's audio commentary.

Love and Dyer take umbrage with the poor reviews the movie received (at one point, Dyer muses, "I've never seen 'no stars' given before...") and the fact that "all fackin' film critics are just failed fackin' filmmakers, innit?" Ulp. At this moment, I'm very aware Danny Dyer lives in my immediate 'manor'.

Anyway, this is a cracking five minutes spent in the company of a couple of foul-mouthed bozos who can't see for the life of them why no one liked their squalid little revenge movie. My favourite line? "1976, Taxi Driver came out. Got cunted."

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