Duncan Jones makes sci-fi thriller with Gyllenhaal


9th November 2009

One small step with Moon has turned into a giant leap for director Duncan Jones, as his mooted projects are getting lined up thick and fast. For now, though, it has been confirmed that sci-fi thriller Source Code is next, teaming him up with notorious Vowel Thief&atrade; Jake Gyllenhaal.

Those who have seen early sneaks at the script have divulged that the movie is about a soldier who is forced to repeatedly live through a virtual simulation of a terrorist bomb exploding on a train in the hopes that he can figure out how to prevent it from happening.

Of course, in typical mindscrew fashion, our guy has no memory of his life before the virtual commute and, between simulations, he reports to a mysterious man named Goodwin who debriefs him after each attempt.

With echoes of Deja vu and *ahem* Groundhog Day, Source Code is sure to be as twisty and turny as you'd expect from this type of cerebral sci-fi, and Duncan Jones will no doubt bring similar identity crises and general headfuckery that he gave in such generous amounts with Moon.

As for Gyllenhaal, this should be a nice return for him to cool intelligent flicks, once he's done swishing his skirt in the sand and running away from nothing.

On another note, Topher Grace was originally attached to this project. Is it me, or does Topher Grace get attached to everything and yet he's only actually ever appeared in That 70s Show and Spider-man 3? Get a new agent.

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