Excellent! Keanu Reeves "trying" to make Bill & Ted 3 happen


21st September 2010

Most triumphant!

Sad internet meme Keanu Reeves is an unsung hero of Hollywood. While so many jackasses court publicity and whore themselves for press coverage, Reeves is quiet, introspective and generous - he gave away $50m of his Matrix earnings and bought every member of his stunt team a Harley Davidson. Despite the odd iffy movie every few years, he basically rocks. And he made Speed. Speed.

Learning that he's 46 years old is something of an eye-opener, and hearing that the bodacious Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is 21 years old is just plain shocking. Rumours of a third adventure, mostly propogated by Alex Winter, have been floating around since Bogus Journey, but a recent MTV interview is the first time I can ever remember Keanu Reeves actually validating it.

"We're trying. Alex (Winter) and I are still friends and we're talking and we're talking to Chris (Matheson) and Ed (Soloman) and they're gonna try and see if they can write something.

"To me, I'd love to play the role, I'd love to work with Alex and Chris and Ed again, and we'll see what they do."
I'm not sure what "trying" actually means, because this is a story about two idiots with a phone box time machine - it can basically be about anything. I always loved the Bill & Ted movies (they taught me air guitar from a very early age) and the thought of a more mature Keanu Reeves dumbing down to revisit Ted Theodore Logan makes me very excited indeed.

But seriously, we're not talking about writing The Godfather IV or anything. Just make it so they fight Aliens or Predators or The Terminator or something. Where's my 50 million dollars, Keanu?

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