Facepalm: Third X-Files movie coming, the reboot is out there


24th August 2009

Even the box-office flop of I Want To Believe hasn't convinced the powers that be that the X Files need to be shredded. Not only is a third movie imminent, a young and sexy reboot is planned.

I don't think I've ever been as bored in a cinema as I was during The X Files: I Want To Believe. Fair enough, you can't have Mulder wrestling aliens to the ground every week, but creator Chris Carter had ten years to come up with something a little more interesting than frickin' body part harvesting. Here, I just came up with a more exciting plot: aliens blow up The White House. Someone should make that movie.

Despite Mulder and Scully's total lack of excitement and chemistry, Bloody Disgusting are reporting that a third X Files movie - likely to be another all-new storyline - has been green-lit because the movie made back more than double its (painfully inadequate) $30 budget.

(By that reckoning, I could make a film for 5, then when I buy a ticket at my local cinema, I'll have already doubled my money. Foolproof. It's probably how Uwe Boll got started.)

In even more baffling X news, BD also claim that an X Files reboot is in the works, likely to be recast younger, sexier and starring fewer sex addicts. I'm confused - I thought they already remade a sexy X Files and called it Fringe. I guess Fox think that people just have short memories.

In other X Files news, apparently Fox are making a third X Files movie. Sounds great!

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