File this under 'awesome': Sam Rockwell is Asshole Batman


28th April 2010

I can't believe I forgot this existed.

Fresh from being the best thing in Iron Man 2 (review here and the revelation that he was almost cast as Tony Stark, Sam Rockwell is pretty much my #1 guy at the moment. It's hard to see how he could get any cooler.

And then I rediscovered this: an awesome short film called Robin's Big Date, starring Rockwell as Batman, out to cockblock Justin Long's boy wonder on a date. It's as fantastic as it sounds. You watch now. NOW!

The 2007 short from James Duffy popped up in a SlashFilm story about a forthcoming sequel, Robin's Big Speed Date, which will see Josh Hamilton play Superman and Iron Man 2's Leslie Bibb as Wonder Woman among other special guests.

I don't think I'm alone in thinking everyone would like Christian Bale's Batman if he used his billions of dollars and next-gen gadgets to score with more chicks in restaurants. "Hey baby, wanna see my Bat-cave? Hmph, your loss." (*headbutts*)

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