Final poster for The Hunger Games features nice bird


22nd January 2012

It's time for another round of 'Ali thinks there's something weird about a new movie poster and is going to use his website to tell you all about it!'

This new poster for tween magnet The Hunger Games is pretty wretched: over-saturated, poorly focused and a quite blatant rip-off of the poster for Robin Hood. To be fair, at least in the Robin Hood poster, you can see that Russell Crowe is holding an arrow. For some reason, here Jennifer Lawrence is holding what looks like a cockatiel.

Move your cursor over this poster to see the hidden image

Click here for the full-size poster

And there's you thinking I was being sexist by saying 'nice bird' in the headline. Honestly. Jog on, sweetheart.

UPDATE: Twitter follower @kinomozg correctly pointed out that rather than ripping off Robin Hood, this is quite blatantly ripping off the poster for Charlie Sheen's Hot Shots Part Deux.

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