First picture: Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe


9th October 2010

Here's your first proper look at Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, from biopic My Week With Marilyn.

Look. Down there. A picture of Michelle Williams dressed up like Marilyn Monroe. And it's not just for a fancy dress party, either. It's for My Week With Marilyn. That's a film. It's not all about Marilyn Monroe, though. It's actually about a some guy called Colin Clark, an assistant to Sir Laurence Olivier, who spent some time with her. A week, I guess. Sounds fun.

Not really. It sounds boring. I'm only posting this because I think she's a good lookalike. If I had a photo of Shia LaBeouf dressed up for a Gary Glitter biopic, I'd post that, but that doesn't mean I'd go see it.

Click image for full-size pic

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