Gemma Arterton angling for role in Alien prequels


7th September 2010

Like, maybe she should be wearing some... uh, space hot-pants or something? You're welcome, Sir Ridley.

Despite only playing roles that appear to be incredibly annoying - feisty princess in Prince Of Persia, walking expository device in Clash Of The Titans, lover of Mackenzie Crook in Three And Out - Gemma Arterton is actually a rather fine actress. She's British, too, which obviously makes her five million times more interesting than anyone else on the planet.

With her rural comedy romp Tamara Drewe out this Friday, the Brit actress has been doing the press rounds and told The Times that she's apparently meeting with Ridley Scott in an attempt to feature in his Alien prequels (I'd link you to the article but it's behind their paywall. Way to completely misunderstand the internet, assholes).

Though I'm not averse to a trained actress like Arterton appearing in an action/horror franchise per se, I'm not sure she'd fit in with the female Alien archetypes we've seen so far. There's either the Ripley (the strong, resilient, motherly hero) or the Vasquez (butch, manly and handy with a pulse rifle). There's no room for dithering damsels in distress in this universe, sistah. (*snakes head, clicks fingers*)

In fact, the jury's still out on Scott's Alien prequels full stop. The movies are due to be set in 2085, around 30 years before the original, and will explore the origins of the Space Jockeys - the big, fat, elephantine dude manning the xenomorph vehicle. Can't say that excites me greatly. Bear in mind also that Ridley Scott still thinks a Monopoly movie is a good idea.

It worries me that there's a generation of idiot children who only know the Alien movies via the Alien Vs Predator movies. I'm hoping Scott's prequels go some way to remedying those chestbursting turds and smacks the aforementioned spazzes upside their heads with its awesomeness. Step one: space hot-pants. You'll see.

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