George Miller talks Mad Max 4


25th October 2009

Did you even know Mad Max 4 was in development? Well it is, and here's a quick look at some of the automobiles original director Miller will be trashing in the outback.

I'd heard rumours that Mad Max 4 was a possibility and that George Miller would return to the long dormant Aussie franchise, but I had no idea the film was actively in development. Shows what I know.

The video below shows at least one of the cars Miller has cobbled together, as well as a painted backdrop most likely used for actor screen-tests (good spot, SlashFilm). It's good to know Miller seems like he's taking this seriously and not just as a money-teat to be milked.

Miller also talks casting, or rather the lack of casting, but claims he has many options available - and he refused to discount the return of Mel Gibson in the role that made him famous. Other actors in the frame allegedly include Bronson's Tom Hardy, Avatar's Sam Worthington and, my personal favourite, Jeremy Renner from The Hurt Locker. Hoo-ra!

Sadly, given Renner is an American, it seems unlikely he'll get the gig. Miller goes off on a bit of a rant on the state of the Australian filmmaking industry and drops more than a few hints that he wants to use homegrown talent: put your money on Worthington if he's not too busy.

I can kind of see where he's coming from, regarding the lack of decent Aussie films of late. Things have really gone downhill since Kangaroo Jack.

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