Ghostbusters 3 to finally materialise?


2nd November 2010

The tubes are abuzz today with reports that the eternally-stalled sequel to spooktacular classic Ghost Busters - and not so hot follow-up Ghostbusters 2 (why is it one word now?) - is set to roll into production next year. Someone tweeted it actually, and even they didn't sound 100% sure. Look, it's a slow day for movie news.

If it's going to happen, then it better be soon - have you seen how old Bill Murray looks lately? Man alive, they could set a sequel to Cliffhanger on his face. He ain't getting any funnier either. In fact none of the original 'Busters have been in or made a decent comedy for years, which is probably why the rumoured plot about a younger team taking over keeps resurfacing. At least Ernie Hudson will always have Congo: officially the greatest movie of all our times. It's got monkeys AND lasers AND Bruce Campbell FFS!

The tweet is right here, but if you don't hate yourself enough to click the link...

Hearing that @SonyPictures is planning to put Ivan Reitman's "Ghostbusters 3" into production in May 2011. #whoyagonnacall
So there you have it - a rumour based on a tweet. Future of news, people. At least it sounds a bit "businessey", which means the money guys are getting involved, and not just one of those lame leaps of the imagination where someone walking their dog saw an empty word processor box outside Keanu Reeves' house, and all of a sudden Bill & Ted 3 is on. Wyld Speculaytion! *rad guitar solo*

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