Gulliver's Travels poster: can you people do NOTHING right?


2nd June 2010

Not only have Hollywood's elite shown themselves completely incapable of thinking of any new ideas, they can't even make humans look human on their posters any more. I despair, I really do.

This new poster for Gulliver's Travels really doesn't bode well for the movie. First, there's that utterly shit tagline. That's the best they could do. 'Black is the new big'. I wonder if anyone in the universe actually laughed at that. I'll buy you new shoes if you genuinely thought it was funny. Then I'll beat you round the head with them for lying.

Worse? The plastification of Jack Black so he looks like his own sex doll. To the left is Jack Black's actual face. Can you spot the difference, kids? Why are they trying to kid us Jack Black is anything but a big, fat, ugly dude with sweaty man tits?

His poster face is eerie, like he's completely checked out of his body. I can imagine the photographer during the shoot: "That's it baby, work it! Be an empty vessel! Emptier! Yes! Now... be haunted! Your shell-like body is haunted by ghosts! Scarier ghosts! That's it, wonderful! Now... sex doll me, Jack! Sex doll me! You're being anally intruded by little people! Perfect!"

Click poster for full-size image. Thanks to IMP Awards

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