How to broaden the appeal of Joyful Noise with one simple tweak


13th December 2011

We reimagine the upcoming warblefest to maximise its commercial potential. A pre-reimagination, if you will.

There's no doubt Joyful Noise will find an audience amongst the legions of Dolly Parton/Queen Latifah fans out there. But what about people who aren't our mums and closeted dads? This quick fix will guarantee a box office smash across all demographics. And the most beautiful part? Works with ANY movie, no matter how lame, guaranteed!
Dolly Parton + Queen Latifah + 2 people I've never heard of =

Dolly Parton + Queen Latifah + ZOMBIES =

Dolly Parton scoring headshots with a .44 Magnum? I would straight up watch the shit out of that with my dad.

Cheques to the usual address please, Hollywood.

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