Indiana Jones to get 3D reacharound I mean re-release


26th October 2010

First it was Star Wars that got the 3D re-release treatment. Now, allegedly, Indiana Jones will be seen in another dimension. Surely it's inevitable that Howard The Duck will follow.

It's oh-so easy to grumble about the relentless molestation of Star Wars by creepy uncle George Lucas, but it's certainly no surprise that it's getting a 3D re-release - as long as the prints stay untouched during the treatment, I can think of few better films that would suit a decent 3D conversion. Wait, did I just back George Lucas publicly on the internet? (*hangs self*)

The rumour, then, that Indiana Jones is next on the Lucas conveyor belt to get dragged kicking, screaming and possibly naked into the future, is fairly believable. It's also important to remember that the movies are directed by Steven Spielberg, not Lucas, so they're less likely to have cack-handed paw prints smeared all over new edits.

If nothing else, it'll be an opportunity to see the original Indy trilogy remastered on the big screen. Then, when Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull is released in 3D, you can skip it to jump online and bitch about how shitty it is. Aaand the status quo has been returned.

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