IRA vs Taliban: The Movie


16th September 2010

One of Bravo's best/worst TV programmes is being adapted into a feature film: Deadliest Warrior takes history's greatest warriors and pits them against each other in mortal combat. It's retarded. Perfect!

Our friends over at sister site have been mourning the demise of cable channel Bravo, the number one televisual destination for semi-drunk, horny males aged 18-45. Not only was it guaranteed to have some sort of breast-based entertainment at any given time after 10 o'clock, but it was home to Deadliest Warrior, one of the most ludicrous concepts I've ever been lucky enough to watch.

The shows ran thus: two fierce warriors were plucked from various ages of man, and - with the help of boffins with clipboards and too much time on their hands - were hypothetically made to fight each other to the death. The best bit was the live-action recreation at the end, where you'd get to see the William Wallace vs Shaka Zulu throwdown you'd always dreamed of. Also, they made the IRA fight the Taliban. In a car park.

Naturally, what makes for low-brow post pub TV jollies is also guaranteed movie gold. Shawn Levy, of Date Night and robot boxing movie non-fame, will produce and possibly direct a Deadliest Warrior movie. Going by his take on Night At The Museum, we'll see a madcap situation whereby all of history's greatest warriors are brought together for a fighting tournament to see who really is the hardest bastard ever.

If we're lucky, we might see Alexander The Great get suplexed by The Rock, or Winston Churchill being chased by a T-Rex.

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