Is this a Cloverfield 2 viral?


27th August 2009

Despite the fact the touted Cloverfield sequel is still a twinkle in JJ Abrams' wet patch, a video has surfaced online that some think could be a viral for Cloverfield 2. Hint: it probably isn't.

Why? Because it's a little too on the nose. Footage reused from the first movie? A road sign that says 'Cloverfield'? How are we supposed to decode this cryptic riddle? If only JJ would tell us!

Still, it's more than a little creepy. That blocky digital effect, where the movement of one scene plays while 'wearing the skin' of the other, never fails to scare the shit out of me when my pirate DVDs freak out.

Anyway, judge for yourself.

Thanks to for the heads up.

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