Jackie Earle Haley remains coy on playing Green Lantern villain


19th October 2009

The internet says it's happening. The man himself says it's not. But in this crazy, workaday world, which source do you really believe? Attention movie bloggers: if you type it, he will come.

Currently enjoying the career spoils that Watchmen awarded, Jackie Earle Haley is hot stuff in Hollywood at the moment. Rumours are surfacing that after his star turn in the Nightmare On Elm Street remake - the second paedo of his career, no less - Haley will play flu remedy-turned-villain Sinestro in Martin Cambell's comic-book adaptation of The Green Lantern.

Ain't It Cool News kickstarted the whole shebang, which isn't surprising as Harry Knowles has a hard-on the size of the Washington Monument for Haley.

However, Collider collared Jackie Earle and put it to him that he was to play Sinestro, only to find out that it was news to him.

"You guys are out in front of it and I don't know anything about it yet. If something comes up I'll let you know."
I don't know about you, but I can't trust a guy who looks like that (*points below*). Holding a conversation with a man like that would be like staring Satan's creepy uncle in the eye. Perhaps he'll find time to star in The Green Lantern amidst his busy schedule of soul collecting and puppy raping.

Jackie's Dr. Evil impression left a lot to be desired

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