James Cameron got paid, son


10th July 2010

According to reports, director James Cameron made a pretty tidy profit from Avatar. How much? Find out, and what this means for your weekend, after the jump!

Deadline are reporting that James Cameron has personally made $350 million from the success of Avatar. I hope I'm not alone in thinking, holy shit, that's a hell of a chunk of Unobtanium right there. Just another payday for the King Of The World, I guess. In your face, everyone else in the world.

Of course, this could easily be a number that someone pulled out their ass, but with Avatar's $2 billion gross and a smart percentage deal, you could easily see this being near the truth. Honestly, congratulations to the man; he owns Hollywood right now and he's genuinely changed the game, for better or worse. If some assclown like M Night Shyamalan was making this sort of money, I'd be pissed. Thankfully, that'll never happen. Twist!

Then again, you never know in Hollywood: this is an industry in which Warner Bros grossed almost a billion dollars with a Harry Potter movie and still lost $167 million down the back of the sofa. I heard they spent half their budget on Deathly Hallows throwing coins into local wishing wells.

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