"James Cameron is an idiot"


1st May 2010

Holy attention-seeking headline! Those aren't our words, of course, rather the rantings of journactivist Ann McElhinney, as she takes Cameron to task over his mega-blockbuster Avatar. Why? Fucked if I know.

Just watch:

That's mental. She raises her voice, the audience claps. A stab of the finger garners rapturous applause. Too many elephants? Why not. It's just noise and arm flailing, like my sex life.

The crux of her argument seems to be that Avatar is a poorly-disguised allegory for global warming, and it's polluting the minds of children in states where they might buy her DVD. Wrong: it's about giant blue space-kittys on another planet, living in harmony with nature and beasts until whitey turns up and...oh my God it's like a million metaphors at once! We were the bad guys all along! Oh the shame, the shame of it all *throws Slazenger Sport in bin, switches to roll-on*

Enviromental issues, propaganda, politics, whatever. The dude made The Abyss and Aliens. Aliens! That's a free pass to make movies about whatever the heck he wants in my book, and I'll happily lap it up.
(This roundhouse kick to the face of political debate was brought to you by James Cameron's Avatar - refreshing the dimensions other movies can't reach)

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