Jamie Foxx in talks to play 87th greatest comic-book villain of all time


2nd November 2012

Still, he's higher up in the list than whatever the fuck that thing was in Green Lantern.

So it has been confirmed: the villain in The Even-More- Amazinger Spider-Man is going to be Electro. A guy who can control electricity, obviously. And Jamie Foxx is apparently going to play him, but that’s not important right now.

What’s important is knowing who Electro is. Having grown up on Spider-Man cartoons (avec amazing friends or otherwise), I only know him to be a pretty rubbs villain who was always easily defeated at the end of the day by some water, an earth wire or some rubber-soled shoes.

So I took to every self-respecting journalist’s source of information and research: Wikipedia. Therein I find that Electro is listed as 87th on IGN's list of Greatest Comic-book Villains Of All Time. 87th. Basically, even that kid in X-Men: First Class who had a very loud scream as a superpower could thwart Electro’s attempts at criminal activity.

So, as if to prove that Electro might not be the most devastating nemesis to ever face off against the Spidey man, here are some of the characters that IGN deemed to be EVEN MORE VILLAINOUS than him:
#60. Amanda Waller

#35 Gorilla Grodd

#27 Captain Cold

#19 Juggernaut

And, hang on. Ranked at number 68 is 'Lucifer'. Oh this is BULLSHIT.

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