Jamie Foxx plans Tyson biopic


7th October 2009

Jamie Foxx has been talking up plans to play Mike Tyson in a new biopic about the boxer's life. Seeing as Foxx normally goes pretty 'method' when it comes to acting, his future co-stars will be warned to cover their ears and never leave their drinks unattended.

With the right script, an 'Iron Mike' biopic could be yet another Oscar-reaching effort from Foxx, after previously winning for his lead role in 'Ray'. In an obvious bid to recapture that Academy Award magic, he has lined up 'Ray' director Taylor Hackford to helm this project too.

"I think, for something like [a Mike Tyson biopic] it would be great because everybody remembers that era. And it's been a long enough time that people need a refreshening."
It doesn't matter how long it's been, Jamie, you can't just start making up words like 'refreshening'. Plus, it sounds like you're pitching this story about a convicted rapist and general mentalist like it's a sodastream.

But Foxx clearly has respect for his new subject, and it will be interesting to see just how Tyson's personal life will be portrayed onscreen. Especially as the big scary man will be watching himself - he has recently said in an interview that he'd like Foxx to play him so he obviously approves of the project.

I'd rethink it though, Jamie - if you step out of line just once in your portrayal, Iron Mike will be destroyening and killening everything in his path to get to you, because he is one mean motherfuckener.

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