Japan: making Pixar posters better since right now


6th March 2012

If you thought the US one-sheet poster for Pixar's Brave was purdy, wait 'til you get a load of Japan's effort. Nice work, Japan. Take the evening off.

Shout if you're bored at me artgasming over Pixar posters, but this new poster for Brave from Japan is too lovely not to share. I'm fully aware I said that about the American Brave poster last week too. I wouldn't want to choose between them. I certainly wouldn't want America and Japan to fight to the death over whose poster is prettier. Relax, guys. We'll call it a draw. You can both be on my wall. (Let me check with my wife).

It's just lovely, isn't it? Such masterful use of colour contrast and a palpable atmosphere. Just thought it was average, huh? Well... did you find the hidden bear on this one? Go ahead, I'll wait.
Apology accepted.

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