Jim from The Office in the running to play Captain America


24th February 2010

Marvel have allegedly narrowed their shortlist of Captain America candidates down to five, and one of them is John Krasinski of The Office fame. It probably doesn't help he looks more like The Tick in this picture.

It's one of the most sought-after roles in Hollywood that's yet to be filled, but according to The Hollywood Reporter - who are usually bang on the money with this kind of thing - Marvel are getting closed to capturing their Captain America.

THR claim that Marvel are down to five choices. John Krasinski is the most recognisable chap on the list, but perhaps also the most unsuitable. Primarily known for comedy (if you haven't yet seen the US version of The Office, you really must: it's quite fantastic), he has branched out into drama recently in the likes of Away We Go. But action? Untested and, on the surface at least, unsuitable. That said, colour us intrigued: Cap'n Jim is quite a prospect.

The rest of the crowd are fairly anonymous on these shores; making up the list are Scott Porter (Speed Racer); Michael Cassidy (Zack from The OC); Mike Vogel (Cloverfield); and Patrick Flueger (Brothers). Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legacy) and Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl) are apparently out of the running.

Director Joe Johnston (The Wolfman - and that's the last damn thing I'm linking to in this article) recently said that he was looking to hire an unknown actor in the part. Krasinski doesn't quite quality in that respect, but he's still an unknown quantity in the realms of big business cinema.

"I hope it'll be somebody that we discover and who's never been in ... —he's probably been in something, but you won't know who he is. You won't recognize him, and we'll surround him with more prominent names. That's who we're looking for. Will we find him? I don't know. It's tough."
So who knows? Jim as Captain America? It could work. But only if they hire Dwight to play Red Skull and have the entire plot to The Avengers revolve around misplaced office stationery.

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