JJ Abrams opts to leave Khan on Seti Alpha V for Star Trek 2


26th October 2010

And yes, I already know how nerdy the title of this article is, thank you very much.

Trekkies everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief today, as JJ Abrams has confirmed that he will not be resurrecting Khan as the villain in the next entry of the rebooted Star Trek franchise.

Instead, Abrams has said that the antagonist in this film will not be a traditional bad guy, and instead will be more in line with the concepts of the original series. In other words, the crew will be facing some sort of vague threat, rather than another vengeful Romulan from another dimension, or the vengeful leader of a group of genetically engineered supermen with no clearly defined personalities.

While they may be leaving Khan out of the sequel, I hope they don't make a similar decision regarding a good script. That was the one weak spot in Abrams' Star Trek, and the only thing that keeps me from completely loving it.

My misgivings aside, people seem to love the new Trek, and the hotly anticipated sequel is sure to make a mint when it is released next summer.

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