John Carter, no longer of Mars, at least has a teaser poster


16th June 2011

Typography: fuck yeah.

Although I can't understand the frankly baffling decision to drop the 'Of Mars' from the title, Pixar's John Carter is suddenly a very real and very exciting prospect for the arse end of next year. Why? It's Pixar's first live-action movie. I'll let that sink in. The first teaser poster is just that, a tease, but at least it isn't diagonal and doesn't have a character with a disproportionate head or a face in his stomach.

Have I ever told you guys before how sweet-ass typography totes gives me a raging boner? I'll even forgive the now-extraneous 'M' and the fact that, technically, it's a 'writing on face' poster, because this is some lovely work from Disney's font department. Look at those sloping curves and that beautiful apex. I could easily make love to this poster in public. Dare me.

Add the 'Of Mars' back to the title so it doesn't sound like an unofficial sequel to Michael Clayton and let's get this marketing campaign off to a good start.

Click image for full-size pic

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