Johnny Depp is a chameleon, nothing to see here


28th June 2010

After the jump: the first poster for Rango, the Gore Verbinski animation in which Johnny Depp does cute, but not Tim Burton cute.

If there's one thing I would wish of Johnny Depp, it's to stop trying so hard. Everyone knows you're cool. You don't have to dress up and put on silly voices and mad hats and let Tim Burton try to make you ugly so he can have you for himself. Just be plain old cool Johnny Depp again. You haven't actually got scissors for hands.

I'm glad Depp is lending his voice to his Pirates director Gore Verbinski's animation, Rango, because he's got an awesome voice and because it sounds genuinely interesting, unlike the usual formulaic DreamWorks chud and the sickly-sweet Pixar offerings. (You made me cry. Again. Congratulations, assholes).

Rango tells the story of "a chameleon with an identity crisis", which genuinely made me laugh, as did clocking Depp's character in the poster below for the first time. There's a little bit of Fear And Loathing in that Hawaiaan shirt I'm sure. Maybe not the hardcore drugs bit.

Click the poster for the full-size image

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