Jurassic Park Week just got serious


23rd September 2011

This morning, I thought Jurassic Park Week getting a Twitter shout-out from the guy who played OB off Hollyoaks was going to be the highlight of my day. Then, this happened.


Sam Neill just tweeted me.

Excuse me while I run around squealing for the rest of my entire life. But seriously, how goddamn cool is that? I've been plugging away at Jurassic Park stuff all week and didn't even know Sam Neill was on Twitter; within ten minutes of finding out he was using the name @TwoPaddocks (that's his wine company), I'd tweeted him and he replied. I love you, internet.

Even cooler than his response? His profile picture.

Fact: Sam Neill is cooler than you.

Now, all of you go to and buy as much wine as you can carry - and don't give me any of that 'I'm too young to drink' crap.

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