Just a delightful poster for Martha Marcy May Marlene


2nd September 2011

Judging by the number of stars, fern leaves and previously unheard of Olsen sisters on this poster, I think it's safe to say this qualifies as an 'acclaimed' drama. I'd put the shit out of this on my wall.

While older sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley found fame and stomped through tween town like little privileged Godzillas, you might have been forgiven for thinking the third Olsen twin was locked in the family basement and fed fish-heads from a bucket. Elizabeth Olsen? Honestly, until she's been on at least three wacky adventures in the big city, she can stay there.

Oh, hang on, here's a new poster for indie mouthful Martha Marcy May Marlene, a film which - by all accounts - is rather good. Even though it has no hope of capturing the stuttering demographic, Mx4 looks set to make a star out of Olsen the Younger, while her harridan sisters continue their career nosedive towards QVC guest spots and sex with Rob Schneider.
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That's just a bloody gorgeous poster. Honestly. I have nothing remotely snarky or cutting or sarcastic to say about it. The composition, the colour scheme, even the font is a treat. I even like the 'Introducing Elizabeth Olsen' line, like she's being wheeled out at a debutante ball.

The worst thing I can possibly say about it is that the word 'Marlene' makes me think of this man.

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