Leap Year actor says Leap Year sucks


24th February 2010

Actor Matthew Goode has laid into his new movie a few days before it's even opened in cinemas. Like you were going to go and see it anyway.

I like Matthew Goode. He was effete and intense in Brideshead Revisited. He was weird and Germanic in Watchmen. He's also extremely honest in interviews. Repeat: I like Matthew Goode.

During a chat with The Telegraph, Goode unleashed a rant that probably won't do him any favours with Universal Pictures. Calling Leap Year "turgid" and "one of the worst films of 2010" was just the start.

"The main reason I took it [was] so that I could come home at the weekends. It wasn't because of the script, trust me. I was told it was going to be like The Quiet Man with a Vaughan Williams soundtrack, but in the end it turned out to have pop music all over it.

Do I feel I let myself down? No. Was it a bad job? Yes, it was. But, you know, I had a nice time and I got paid."
Damn straight, brother. I'll bet you won't see Amy Adams making a similar declaration. Still, perhaps he could have waited until after the movie had been released. Think of all the poor Oirish beggars who'll go starving when they don't get their 10% gross points.

Elsewhere, Goode revealed that he had auditioned for the role of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit but he is reluctant to move to Hollywood.

"If I lived in LA, I'd be schizophrenic after a week. I'd just sit in a hotel room with a shoebox full of weed going: 'I'm not fucking moving. If they want me, they can come here.'"
Not the attitude that'll land you Bilbo, it has to be said. "Drop the ring in Mount Doom, you say? Fuck it, I'm staying put in The Shire. Send one of your giant fucking eagles Gandalf you big gaylord."

P.S. Leap Year review coming this weekend!

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