Let's all go and see Face/Off


6th September 2011

Those lovable albino goons from the Picturehouse Podcast are holding another live event in London - come and see the almighty Face/Off on the big screen and have your face LITERALLY ripped off by its awesomeness (not literally).

I think we can all agree the cinema is the best place to watch the movies you love - new or old, bigger is generally better (fnar). I'm starting to realise that, although my DVD collection is enormous and likely to crush me if it ever topples over, seeing classic films on the big screen is an unbeatable experience. Seeing classic films with a like-minded crowd? Well that's just a bonus. Seeing classic films with a like-minded crowd during the live recording of a podcast with giveaways and general merriment? I think I just achieved nirvana. (No, wait, I've just been sitting on my legs funny).

This isn't some insane, drug-induced ramble - I do have a point. Sam and Simon, the rakish ladykillers who record the weekly podcast for Picturehouse cinemas, are throwing another live event after their last shindig went down so well. They're offering you - yes, YOU! - the opportunity to come down to the Stratford Picturehouse on Thursday September 29th to watch Face/Off as it was originally meant to be seen - in a crowd full of people laughing at Nicolas Cage going mental.

Sam and Simon, the strike force everyone's calling SAS, will be recording their latest edition of the podcast live, as it happens, on the cinema floor, as it happens, LIVE, so if you're an idiot and you shout loud enough, you might hear yourself on the internet. I hear there are also prizes and on-the-spot giveaways, but I might be thinking of Going Live.

If you needed an extra push, take a look at this bloody lovely poster for the occasion by rakish ladykiller artist Sam Gilbey, a very talented man who you can see more of here. His Big Lebowski artwork is the stuff of legend.

And I'm not just saying that because we're on the poster.

In short (this article was in desperate need of an 'in short'), Face/Off is bloody fantastic and you should definitely come and see it. You can order tickets here for the September 29th screening and be safe in the knowledge that you are officially one of the cool kids and I've got your back any time you need me. Unless it involves me moving or doing anything or caring.

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